with Tata Rekso


What is this phe-
nomenon called the digital space?


Felitasari Rekso, also known as Tata, is a Communication Design student at Parsons School of Design. Talking about her thesis project is a little different from the other students I've talked to. Instead of focusing on one subject, we are talking about the medium that she chose for all of her projects. Her first experiment looks into different applications that could store photographs in the digital space and understanding why we are so obsessed with remembering specific events in our lives. For her second experiment, she redesigned what a museum archive could look like today, one that involves AR and virtual experience. Lastly, her third experiment is to study the infrastructure of Jakarta through multimedia art. So yes, ranging topics but explored through the same medium.

Tata's Website
"Land Ownership in Augmented Reality" Article - Kalev Leetaru
Transcript with visuals:


Tata Rekso: Yeah, in general it's quite inter-
esting in bringing this duality. Digital space, being everything on screen, while the printed matter, you can touch it, you can flip it. And,
I think I really want to bring this juxtaposed experience while looking at this project.


Tata Rekso: I actually think that the artifacts
or objects from museum archives are the least important focus of the project. So the project
is basically a proposal for museums to show that you can use these methods to show online medium archives.


Tata Rekso: So I have an example. So there's a highway or toll road in Jakarta that circles the city and I'm creating a question "What is the length of the Jakarta inner ring road?" But I answered it in terms of other buildings or mon-
uments around the world. So for example, the inner ring road is 54 Burj Khalifa or 139 Eiffel Towers.