with Karissa Munaf




Work in Progress is a podcast that aims to create a space for design students to have critical dialogues and discussions around design; a forum where ideas are being ex-
changed; a place where conversations can
live and grow; a platform where I can put
a spotlight on these people because I think students have important things to say and we often surprise ourselves with the questions
we ask. Although I am terrible at talking
my podcast became a place where I can learn and grow to become a better conversational-
ist, how to curate, how to ask questions,
how to be more confident.

The conversations will focus on the subject matter but I am particularly very interested in the research and unforetold stories that students have in their thesis journeys. By sharing these conversations online, I hope that listeners can gain more insights into
the topics that each student covered and
learn from the way this generation of designers think and solve problems.
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