with Eva Serrano Reisner


How does art open conversations about morality
and laws?


Eva Serrano Reisner is a senior studying Communication Design at Parsons School of Design. Eva began her thesis journey by asking the que-
stion, "Are laws moral?" but the question felt
too open, so she expanded upon this question and ended up with, "How does current American demo-
cracy prevent a true way of living under one's
own morals?" She approached the question in two different ways. Her first experiment was to redes-
ign the voting ballot, and for the final form, Eva is rewriting the laws that only contain the word "God" in the US code. The aim to show the rela-
tionship between Christianity and American laws. Eva hopes that she could present these ideas without forcing an overly critical voice. The
goal is to make people aware so that they can
have their own thoughts on the matter, and
allow others to take action.

US Code
Gutenberg Bible
Transcript with visuals:


Eva Serrano Reisner: Why this form? I feel like,
I am not successful in my work until I tire myself out endlessly. Because by doing that, and exerting all that energy to writing a 200 page book. It's insane. But it also becomes almost like a per-
formance piece at that point.


Eva Serrano Reisner: So basically, I don’t know
if you've ever seen like the Gutenberg Bible,
but it's kind of got some similarities in terms
of what the type look like.


Eva Serrano Reisner I'm recording it on my phone just because of the amount of recordings that I'm going to have to be taking. It's also not about how pretty the recording looks. It's about the fact that "Oh, you wrote for four hours. Can
you have that recorded down? Yeah.