with Dirm Luawo


What is it like to live a mixed-culture life in America?


Dirm Luawo is currently a senior at Parsons
School of Design. He is also a mentor for the Parsons Scholars Program which he used to be a past student. Dirm has been in the Parsons com-
munity for almost six years now and that brings
me back to the first time I met him five years ago at the Parsons Summer Program. He was the first Indonesian-American I met in New York and so it was a really interesting and insightful talk about the life of a mixed-culture kid living in America and how that had shaped his thesis project. Tal-
king to Dirm also taught me how a thesis project can be a self-critique of our identities.

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Transcript with visuals:


Dirm Luawo: These are paintings that I did in junior year of high school. [...] You see this
in my thesis. My thesis carries this project four years ago. It's just building on top of existing that I've done.


Dirm Luawo: He saw from the camera what this was. He was like "Is that a tattoo?" I was like, "Umm no it's a sharpie." Then he asked, "You know tattoo is haram right?"


Dirm Luawo: I want to create a passport where you can write things in. [...] I want to make stickers that people can put in there.