with Danni Go


What does emp-
athy in branding look like?


Danni Go is a communication design student at Parsons School of Design. In this episode, we talked shortly about her first project which was
to explore the relationship between brand iden-
tity and personal identity. She created a book that consists of questions given to various brand users to investigate their personal relationships with their chosen brand. For her final project, Danni is creating her own benefit corporation that is centered on empathy called "Core Empath Corp." She designed a brand manual for her corporation and did case studies of multiple brands. We talked a lot about what empathy looks like in branding, and Danni taught me that it's okay to question what you're doing because it's all part of the process of learning and adapting to your career.

Danni's Website
Uncorporate Identity - Metahaven
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Transcript with visuals:


Danni Go: I think for me energy is something that empathy just is fueled by. [..] When I look at my brand identity for my benefit corporation, all these different colors to represent different people, different energies, different auras. I only chose the colors like green, purple and yellow because those colors to me they can symbolize so many positive feelings.


Danni Go: Make the brand identity more visual, more colorful, use a serif font instead of a sans serif. With the name, I think I was kind of going off of this idea of how empathy is at my core.


Danni Go: Going back to like my first experiment where I was able to interview friends about like, their personal brand relationships and what pro-
ducts and brands they personally aligned with. I think I wanted to do the same.