with Cecilia Zhang


Why are people so lonely in cities?


Cecilia Zhang is a Communication Design student
at Parsons School of Design. She and I would often have these weekly thesis talks to talk about our own work. Recording our conversation for this episode felt a lot like our usual talk. In this episode, we talked about how Cecilia is looking into Wikipedia edit wars. Although they show this hostile side of Wikipedia, edit wars speak to the passion that editors have when they write. Her thesis is a critique on Wikipedia. I think we are often told that Wikipedia is an unreliable source because anyone can write it. But later I learned that there are a lot of factors that play into writing and publishing a Wikipedia page, and writing a good page is really not as easy as
you think.

Cecilia Zhang's Website
WE:kipedia work
Tiger edit war
Humus edit war
Transcript with visuals:


Cecilia Zhang: Sometimes people will like on Christmas eve at 9pm they will be doing these
edit wars without like, "No tigers are the most powerful cats in the world. Don't you dare say otherwise," you know? [...] On the other hand,
it also speaks to their dedication towards truth.


Cecilia Zhang: But if I did on something like hummus, people are going to like, "Well why do people argue about hummus? That's kind of stu-
pid." I love the hummus page. The reason why
it's controversial is because of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


Cecilia Zhang: Instead of doing a book that's expensive, that only a few people will read. I like this idea of like a subway pamphlet that you would just give to everyone in the same way that knowledge is free. I wanted my thesis to also be low-production.